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Slow speeds, Possible fault.


I have one PC connected via Ethernet. And one Smartphone connected via wifi. I noticed that the internet would cut out every 3mins for a few hours. And then work fine, So I contacted support via phone and they said it is a fault with the router, So they sent a new router and it worked fine for two days. Now my speed is 3mbps, Even though I am estimated 50-66mbps. There are only two devices connected and I often end up using 4G to do anything online. I have ran tests and rang support but nothing came out of that, Sometimes the speed is 20mbps, And doesn't cut out for a day or two but then it is back to normal with 3mbps and cutting out every so often. 

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When it cuts out, what is the status of the lights on the front of the router?

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Hi Pocketnay,


I'm sorry to hear this and I'll take a look now. I've run a test on the line which hasn't detected a fault. What speeds are you receiving at the moment? Are you running the speed test wired or wireless?


Have you also tried switching the router off for a full 30 minutes and then retested the speed again?