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Slower than advertised plus dead Box

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So Today I was brought into the lightning fast world of Talk Talk's faster Fibre service up too 60MBit/s I was so excited no longer do I have to struggle with downloading something to continue browsing, however I have to say I am less than impressed with the whole experience. Walked into my home office late this morning, after a long night, doing some tech support, with the sound of twittering Openreach tester downstairs.

So had a pleasant chat with the lady sitting in the rain hooking up my broadband it turned out she identified a problem with my line about 38 metres from my home, hmmm this sounds familiar a few months ago, BT chap was here not on my request, but someone else’s that reported, an issue, it was on a week day, and I saw my broadband reach dialup speeds. He cornered me when I walked outside; suddenly he was too eager to give me new filters after a reset broadband was back up and running so I did not think too much about it nice service just plucked from nowhere.

Anyway back too today because the broadband is down, I switch my mobile hotspot on, and log in to work, 2 hours later I get notified by email that all is up and running. Eager to experience the world of super-fast speeds, and bam!!!!!, absolutely nothing, log into the wi-fi super-duper router and no line connection hmmmm.
So I go through all the online guides, and eventually contact support team, no problem they will get BT/Openreach out again, but on Monday. I don’t even know if the Openreach tech managed to resolve the issue they found on the line or anything, just absolutely nothing just one more tech to tell me there is a fault 38 metres from my house so what is Talk Talk going to do about it push Openreach to fix it???
Out of desperation I plug my Drayek Vigor 2860n (which has an Auto detect function and will select the line rate it manages to negotiate), back on the line after a while I see the tell tail signs that the box has a VDSL connection What!!!!!, I log into my Drayek Vigor 2860n, and to my surprise it has negotiated a VDSL2 rate.
But only get about 44Meg down speed and a max of 9 meg up

Sales person said if my line rate drops below 50Mbit/s I should raise a call with them contacted the team to let them know that, maybe the box is dead, and that I want them now to investigate their poor speed and dead box. Also when I complained about my broadband speed the team said that I should wait 14 days before reporting issues as they will be doing some tweaking, it’s an Openreach FTTC so how are they going to tweak it. HUH!!!!!.


I want what I am paying for
Team Player

According to the Routers statistics 51732Kbps is atainable but I am just getting 41Mbit/s doing the old google speed test a far cry from the 60Mbit/s broadband that I am paying for 

Line 1 Information      (VDSL2 Firmware Version:  576D17_A/B/C   with Vectoring support )
  ProfileStateUP SpeedDown SpeedSNR UpstreamSNR Downstream
  17ASHOWTIME10,470 (Kbps)44,646 (Kbps)6 (dB)6 (dB)



ATU-R Information
        Hardware:Annex A
        Power Mngt Mode:DSL_G997_PMS_L0
        Line State:SHOWTIME
        Running Mode:17A
        Vendor ID:b5004946 544e0000
ATU-C Information
       Vendor ID:b5004244 434da48c [BDCM]
Line Statistics
Actual Rate44646Kbps10470Kbps 
Attainable Rate51732Kbps10470Kbps 
Path ModeInterleaveFast 
Interleave Depth6511 
Actual PSD7. 4dB13. 3dB 
 Near EndFar End                    
ReTx0 0  
SNR Margin6dB6dB 
HEC Errors00 
RS Corrections00 
LOS Failure00 
LOF Failure00 
LPR Failure00 
NCD Failure00 
LCD Failure00 
I want what I am paying for
Team Player

One other thing I have noticed in my search for some answers on on Broadband usernames most poeple here says that you selecet PPPoE and you should not need a username and a password


But I have found that without the my credentials there is no way I can get logged on 

Old PIPEX customers will remember this type of username



I want what I am paying for
Team Player

Dont know what you guys did but its lookin good 

Downstream            Upstream                
Actual Rate51816Kbps10574Kbps
Attainable Rate51709Kbps10574Kbps


Now I just need the router taht you sent out fixed

I want what I am paying for
Team Player

Rolling update 


As stated before I was only able to use my broadband if I used my Talk Talk Broadband Username and password with my Draytek router which happens to be my old PIPEX Username

I have now used the recommended

Password was still the same although you can change this in your account settings

I want what I am paying for
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Gedrog,


Your connection uses full network authentication so a username and password isn't required to authenticate, however some routers need you to enter a username and password, they won't allow the fields to be left blank, I assume this is he issue with the Draytek


"the team said that I should wait 14 days before reporting issues as they will be doing some tweaking, it’s an Openreach FTTC so how are they going to tweak it. HUH!!!!!."


I think they are referring to the initially training period when BT's line management system (DLM) monitors the line and adjusts the line speed to give a stable connection with low errors


Can you try reconnecting the TalkTalk router again and let us know how you get on




Team Player

Just FYI SInce this morning I have been forced to use my Mobile broadband 

These people are useless I dont know how many times I have been through their help desk either to be cut off mid discussion or told to turn off the router for thirty minutes and to contact them again only to be told the same *@#][!![]'#[@#]!* 


Draytek router has several options I suddenly had a username error today so set it up as per everyone elses guide where it does not need a username 


Me and teh opernreach engineer stood here with the help line which they have access too and you would think these would be the clever guys hmmmmmm


In the end we just shaked our heads 


Connection Time00h40m42s 
Link StatusUP 
StandardVDSL2 (G_993_2_ANNEX_ B) 
Line EncodingDMT 
Link encapsulationATM (G_992_3_ANNEX_ K_ATM) 
Actual Rate [Kbps]5036510871
Maximum Rate [Kbps]4899110871
Noise Margin [dB]06
Attenuation [dB]20.90
Power [dBm]13.17
I want what I am paying for
Team Player

As you can see above it establishes a VDSL XDSL Link 

But it does not get a connection to talk talk this is the Talk Talk router and now my Draytek as well. I am a bit frustrated but man how many times do I have to answer the same questions only to be fed the same please power it down and leave it for thirty min and contact us again  

I want what I am paying for