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Social media not working

First Timer

Social media apps like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook now won't work on phones or PC. They all work fine inside my house when I switch to phone data only but not on the WIFI. I have researched and found lots of issues that people have reported - 


These are just a fraction so clearly some sort of issue here.


Steps taken so far:


- Checked that Homesafe isn't the issue

- rebooted everything - router/pc/laptop/phones

- Device is FAST 5364-3. T8


To add to that I'm now shown an error message when trying to access my account - "Sorry due to technical issues we can't log you in right now. Please try again later."


What is going on as I only switched to Talk Talk at the start of the year and already I've had 1 full day without Internet and now all social media won't work?


Need this resolved please. 





Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Adam,


Was KidSafe also off? Could you try switching HomeSafe on in MyAccount and once this is active then switch it straight off again (in MyAccount) Could you then retest and let us know if you still unable to access Social Sites please.