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Speed Boost not available ?

Wizz Kid



I tried to add speed boost to my faster fibre package only to be told by CS on live chat it's not available in my area ?

If I run a line test as a potential new customer to my next door neighbours address it comes back the lines capable of 60ish meg

So why am I unable to add the speed boost ?



Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @elgringo


Thanks for your post.


Line speed is determined on the distance from the exchange and also on the quality of the line, no 2 lines are the same, Your line speed has been taken using these factors and it has been determined that your guaranteed minimum speeds at peak times would not achieve any more that 40 mbps, although it may be higher off-peak therefore it has been determined that the speed boost would be of no value to your line. 


Sorry for any inconvenience caused. 


Wizz Kid

Hi Arne, thanks for the prompt reply, I understand the limitations relating to the line, but I live 300m from the exchange, less by line of sight.


These are the stats from my router today

Annotation 2019-07-31 111231.png


And this is a wireless speedtest by Ookla @ 11:04

Annotation 2019-07-31 110622.png


So I find it difficult to believe my line isn't capable of more ?

Community Team - TT Staff



If it has been determined that your line will not benefit from the speed boost, we are unable to override this.





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Wizz Kid

Thanks again Karl...apologies if I came across as a little "grrrrr"  😉