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Switched to Faster Fibre.

Team Player

Hi all, 


It's just turned 13:00 and no call yet from the Tech Team, not that it really matters.


I've been keeping a record of the speeds during the morning and up to now, here they are -


Time:            Response ms             Download      Upload

09:15                  11                              16.7              7.6

09:45                  11                              16.0              7.6

10:05                  11                              19.2              7.5

10:45                  11                              17.3              7.5

11:00                  11                              18.3              7.6

11:15                  11                              18.6              7.6

11:30                  11                              19.1              7.6

11:45                  11                              20.1              7.6

12:00                 10                              19.3              7.5

12:15                 11                              17.1              7.6

12:45                 11                              19.2              7.5

13:00                 11                              20.2              7.5


As you can see, the response and upload figures are fairly constant, however, the download speed varies wildly, but still nothing approaching the 32 mps (I think) obtained by OpenReach at the exchange.


What next, please?



Community Team

Hi Dave,


Can you switch your router off for 30 minutes then switch back on and run a couple more speed tests (on the My Account speed checker) on a device connected to your router by Ethernet cable. Can you switch off any other devices that connect to your router while running the speed tests 


Your sync speed is 39.2, I don't know why throughput speeds are so low in comparison. If the speeds are still low when you run the above tests then it may be worth sending one of our engineers to take a look





Team Player

Hi Chris,


I will do, just checked in the service centre, that shows the Internet has been disconnecting and a current line speed of 30 mb.


Back soon.





Team Player

Hi Chris,


I switched off the Router as you suggested for half an hour, before I did so, I did a speed check and at the time got the following result.


10:10 - 11 ms, 19.9 mbs download, 7.5 mbs upload.


After rebooting the Router and connecting the laptop via the Ethernet cable I got the following results.


10:45 - 17 ms, 37.3 mbs download, 0.0 mbs upload 

10:47 - 17 ms, 37.3 mbs download, 7.6 mbs upload

10:48 - 11 ms, 18.7 mbs download, 0.0 mbs upload

10:49 - 11 ms, 20.3 mbs download, 7.5 mbs upload

10:50 - 12 ms, 20.7 mbs download, 7.7 mbs upload

10:51 - 11 ms, 20.4 mbs download, 7.6 mbs upload


The following results are using the WiFi connection


10:53 - 11 ms, 19.0 mbs download, 7.5 mbs upload 

10:54 - 12 ms, 16.3 mbs download, 7.6 mbs upload


Both of the above are taken with the Router next to the laptop.


10:55 - 12 ms, 21.0 mbs download, 7.6 mbs upload

10:56 - 12 ms, 20.9 mbs download, 7.6 mbs upload

11:15 - 11 ms, 20.7 mbs download, 7.6 mbs upload


These three, over the WiFi connection with the laptop in the lounge.


Apart from the quick burst on the first two tests, the rest are pretty much in the same area, with one exception.



Team Player

Hi Again Chris,


Just had a thought, it wouldn't be by any chance be a problem with the Router would it?


Only, when the OpenReach engineer called Tuesday afternoon he tested the socket and said the signal reading was good, the reading at the exchange at the time was I think he said, 32 mb and apart from the two bursts of speed, all the other readings are pretty consistent.


Joe the Tech Manager when he called Monday evening, asked if I had another Router I could connect, but I haven't.







Team Player



While waiting for a reply I've been looking through other threads and see that someone else has had problems with their Router dropping the connection, after being switched to Fibre, their Router is the same model as mine a Huawei HG633, could this be a common problem?