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TP Link Archer VR-900 - Internet Disconnects

First Timer



Occasionally the internet will disconnect from my TP Link Archer VR-900 router. The solution is always a reboot. Internet returns after the reboot.


Why is this occurring? Seem to have entered the correct settings and the internet works 90% of the time, just get the occasional disconnection. Again, reboot solves the problem.settings2.png



Community Star

Do you have a TalkTalk router to test with so that you can help identify whether it is in fact a router problem, or something else?

First Timer

Hi, thanks for the reply.


Unfortunately, i dont have a talktalk router.


I updated router firmware to latest firmware, will see if this resolves problem and report back.


Other than that, it has to be the internet configuration settings (as above) that need tweaking in some way to mirror that of the talktalk router, im quite certain when i did have talktalk router it was fine, which makes me think it is infact a router configuration issue.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi andyjanderson255


I'm sorry for the delay.


Would you like me to send a router for testing?