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I have been a TalkTalk customer for over 2 years with the same speeds, I found my connection to be getting very slow around the renewal of my 6 month contract (around a month ago) so I called TalkTalk asking why. My response was obviously to upgrade to the newest option for an extra £14 a month. I was in question of cancelling at the start but this decided it. I refused this and enquired further into my currant WiFi which required a scan so I was sent to Technical Support, after 40 minutes of being told to wait and put on hold I ask if I am being charged for this which I answered with “I don’t know” I am then put back on hold for the customer service to find out, naturally I was being charged the whole time so I got annoyed, at this point I was offered to be put on hold yet again to speak to the manager, due to not being a millionaire I hung up. This is where it gets interesting. I then log in to my TalkTalk and sign up to the community to read others experiences and write my own and within a few moments I have Technical Support calling me back saying I can speak to the manager about cancelling my contract, I accept this and am told that they can “check” my WiFi and after 28 days I can cancel. Was I not sat on the phone for 40 minutes while you checked my WiFi? Or are you just dragging that out on purpose?  So to end I believe my WiFi was slowed and the phone call was purposefully dragged out just to cost me more. Thank you TalkTalk you can be sure I will spread the word of you ripping money out of people pockets, absolutely disgusting what you get away with. 

Community Team



Sorry to hear this.   Calls to TalkTalk support numbers are free from TalkTalk landlines and mobiles.  There may be a charge when calling from another network provider or this may count towards your minutes if on contract etc.


With regard to the speed of the line, I would not be able to comment unless I had a look at the line specifically to see the speeds and the predicted speeds of the line. You do mention WiFi a few times, so for clarity I think it is important to note that WiFi is a local connection only within your home.  A WiFi connection goes from the router to the device, a tablet or phone etc, and the speeds of WiFi can be affected by atmospheric issues ie. things around you such as other wifi connections on the same channel, other devices using or downloading large files etc at the same time, or the device itself can be limited based on it's age or capability.


We do look at the actual speed of the line to your property to see if this is connecting at the correct line rate and can also check for errors or other test failures that may indicate a problem.


Have you cancelled your services currently or do you still have a live service with us ?


If your service is live, please add your home phone number to your Community Profile so that we can investigate further for you.