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Talk Talk Speed checker?

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A few months ago I upgraded to Fibre which included the new Sagem router. The service is working reasonably well though I did initially have to re-site the router to get the best wifi performance (compared to the location of my previous router) which involved checking signal strength and the best wifi channel/s allocation using a proprietary Spectrum analyser

App and checking the corresponding download and upload speeds at various locations in our property using the Talk Talk speed checker. Since that time I have continued to periodically  check these parameters for stability given there are a number of competing Wifi networks from adjacent neighbour properties. Overall my Wifi performance is now looking good.


However over the last few days I have not been able to use the Talk Talk speed tester and I consistently get the pop up message 'Unable to connect to a server at this time, please try later' with the option to retry the test but to no avail. Clearly I could start using an alternative speed checker (there are many available) but from a consistency perspective I would have preferred to use the same Talk Talk speed checker. Does any one know if the Talk Talk speed checker will be back up/running anytime soon and indeed does it affect other people or is it a local issue of some kind may be due to website permissions etc?  


The speed checker will not currently run on any of our devices; Including Desk top - Ethernet connected or Mobile - Wifi devices.


Thanks in advance.

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It is broken at the moment and has been reported. Feel free to use alternatives, but these will not of course be recorded against your account.

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Hi ferguson, Thank you for your prompt feedback on this, much watch this space. I will use an alternative speed checker in the interim though it will not calibrate too well with previous results, in my experience they all give somewhat different speeds. Thanks again.

Hi stpmhe,
You could try as the talktalk tester uses the Ookla speedtester.
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@ferguson hi.

Sorry I have only just seen your email. Yes the feedback from @match was helpful. I used the Ookla speed tester for several days to monitor the wifi upload/download speeds at different places in our property and with the router in it's new position the results are much improved and relatively consistent with time.The router is therefore now permanently re-located which took a while as I had to buy and fit several longer Ethernet cables. So yes thank you both for your help. In the meantime the TalkTalk speedtester is also back up again......a comparison of the two speed testers shows them to be almost identical....worth knowing. Thanks again.



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