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Talk talk cancelled my fibre to another provider without my permission!!

First Timer

I had a missed call on Tuesday, from talk talk, then an email I would get a call on Wednesday 2pm to 4pm, that didn't happen no calls, 2 missed calls from BT ? On Thursday morning. When I got home my fibre broadband was off. 

An email arrived to say my service was being taken up by another company as I has switched. NO I HAD NOT!!. 

So I rang up to see why and was told they couldn't tell me who or why and I then reported it as fraud, someone using my personal details? Talk talk did not even validate the switch with me, I have only been online for 3 weeks. There has not been any update or change, not even an acknowledgement of my email to the fraud team. This is poor service. Very very poor. 

How can you just go on a 3rd party information and not actually ask the customer what he was doing?. I know nothing about it. But I am inclined to Cancel my fibre broadband as I am paying for a service I cant use, and there is a poor communication from yourself. (Talk talk). I had no problems other than this and now I'll be without my fibre till god knows when. I'll be ringing up customer service today to let them know my feelings. 

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Staff are unlikely to reply before Monday, on the forum,  @nostromo332, but Chat is available from links on this page:


This may be worth trying if phone help is busy. 


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I don't want a reply on here --- just stating the facts for those to read. 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi nostromo332,


I'm really sorry for any inconvenience caused by this issue. If you do need any assistance from the Community team please let us know. Please also see our Complaint Process