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TalkTalk Cancelled My HomeMove Order - No service

First Timer

Hello, just wondering if this has happened to anyone else, or if I'm just really lucky!


We moved house on the 15th March, BT appointment was booked for 19th March so i took time out of the office. BT arrived, told me it would be 20 minutes, 3 hours later still there with an issue at the exchange. This was not resolved. 

TalkTalk called me to tell me there was nothing for me to do and just sit and wait for BT to fix the issue, they kept me updated telling me the same thing. But i did get random texts and emails saying i had missed the engineer appointment, this was not the case. I then missed a call on 1st April due to being busy at work, followed by another missed appointment text and a few hours later a text saying that if i didn't call in 7 days my homemove order will be cancelled. I flew to Sweden on the 2nd April on business and while i was there (3rd April), my order was cancelled leaving me with zero service at home and an unhappy family.

I have been told i need to rebook the order which will take up to 14 working days to complete,  said i will go to Sky instead. I have been informed that I am still in contract and will have an exit fee to pay, i think not as Talktalk are in breach and have admitted it on their complaints line. I have also been offered compensation but what they actually mean is giving me my money back for the service they have not supplied since 19th March, that's a refund and not compensation. 

I expect this dealt with professionally and quickly by people that can authorise what i expect to happen, does anyone know how to bring this to the CEO's office as my next step is OfCom and explain to TalkTalk through legal routes what their responsibilities are.

On the upside I got a great deal on Sky TV, their customer service has been excellent, but I have not resolved the internet issue yet and want TalkTalk to explain what they can do to fix it quickly.