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TalkTalk DNS server issue?

First Timer

Over the past couple of days we have been having issues with OneDrive/Sharepoint syncing/freezing.  If we try to browse to our Sharepoint site we get a DNS error.  Today have narrowed this down to a DNS issue on the router.  We are using the TalkTalk provided DNS servers:


So I changed this to for the primary on the router and we can now access the site again. 


The router is: HG635


Don't think these DNS servers are the Spam filtering servers so I presume this should be fine.


Don't really want to use Google DNS, would prefer to use TalkTalk.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi wolverncs,


Can you switch back to our DNS servers and then switch your router off for 30 minutes, then switch back on and retest - please let us know if this makes any difference 



First Timer



This is a business account so the owner might not be very enamoured about this prospect.  You think the router is caching some DNS entries from TalkTalk?  However it is resolving DNS fine with alternative DNS servers.

Community Team - TT Staff

Sorry, I didn't realise that the query related to a business account. We generally ask our fibre customers to switch the router off for 30 minutes to force the start of a new session, we've found that this resolves a variety of problems and is always worth a try initially, but if the customer has a business account I'd advise them to contact business support as we are only really able to provide support to residential customers as we have very limited visibility of business accounts