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TalkTalk has gone live but problem with hub delivery

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I'm not really sure if this is the right place to post this so please could someone advise if not.


I recently re-signed with TT which went live today.


I had an email I think last Friday saying that my hub would be delivered on Saturday. Waited in all day but no delivery. When I tracked the package on the Yodel web site shortly after lunch it said that the hub had been delivered and posted through my letterbox at 9.24. I was in at 9.24 and no one had rung the bell, knocked on the door, or put a router through my letterbox (would a router even fit through a letterbox?).


Anyway I contacted Yodel on web chat and they said they would find out what had happened and get back to me within 24 hours. They didn't but it was Sunday by then so I wasn't really surprised. I contacted Yodel again on Monday and they said they hadn't had an update from the depot so check back in a further 24 hours. When I contacted Yodel web chat again today they told me exactly the same as the tracking info said "We've posted your parcel through your letterbox" or something similar. Yodel have now said they will go back to the depot to see if they can any more info.


I'm currently using an old HG635 that is at least 4 years old and I already know its a bit flaky as I had been using it as an access point. every 2-3 days it gives up the ghost and needs 24 hours or so switched off to come back to life. 


So, Yodel are currently saying that they posted the hub through my letterbox and I'll apparently get an update in 24 hours (I expect it to be at least 48 hours based on the previous experience and even then I had to chase them). I can't see that they will say anything other than they posted it through my letterbox again when they obviously haven't done so. I'm now stuck with an old router that is on its last legs.


To be honest I have every intent to eventually use a third party router but I can't afford it yet and I still need a TT router as I understand TT can only trouble shoot if you have their kit.


I appreciate that this is a Yodel issue but I'm not really getting anywhere speaking to them so where do I go from here? 


It's not exactly the most auspicious start to the new contract.




P.S. In the meantime please could an OCE update the firmware on the HG635 that I'm using, I'm sure it's very out of date.


P.P.S. all profile stuff is current

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Hi Fritz,


From memory, they have made the box size such that yes I think it would fit through your letterbox, but it sounds to me like it also fitted through someone else's letterbox!


I'll ask the OCEs to look into the hub delivery & also update your HG635 to the latest firmware.

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