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Turn off wifi overnight

First Timer

Is there anyway to automatically turn off my wifi overnight, say 12am and back on again 6 or 7 hrs later? I saw a thread some time ago but it was not possible back then. Surely it must be an available feature now????

One handy option could be plugging it into a Timer Plug.
Wise Owl

Have a look at the Home Safe settings in My Account on the main TT web site. If I remember correctly they have a Home Work setting that blanket blocks (as in all devices) connections for specific times.




This could result in lower connection speeds during the day. The exchange equipment will start the process of calculating stable line speeds. Routers are designed to be left on.

Problem Solver
There are some better 3rd party router/modems that have great Parental Controls on, much better than the TT routers. I use a Zyxel XMG3927-B50A AC2400 its full of features for such as this. Lets you switch individual units off and on at certain times
First Timer

Thanks for your reply. I will have a look into this

First Timer

Thanks for your reply. I don't want to turn off the power to the router just the wifi 

First Timer

Thanks for this. I have set it up to try it later 😉. It looks like it will turn off the wifi

Problem Solver
To get a router with Good Parental Controls you will have to get a 3rd Party Router. TT routers are ok for basic stuff but any good features you need to get your own. In my view money well spent. Im amazed what my new router will do compared to basic TT wifi hub.