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Two internet providers on same landline

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Hi guys. I just moved to UK one month ago, in Crowborough.

I live in a share house with other people from my work place.

The thing is.. we already have a landline and an internet provider... The router is in someone room... The signal is pretty bad for me.

I would like to make a contract with Talk Talk and have my own router in my room.. so i could connect my laptop via etheret cable...

My question is... can i have two internet providers on the same landline? I'm so confused about how the landline works in UK ... Please help me

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Hi aerohs 


You'll not be able to multiplex two Internet Providers onto the same landline. But you can ask TalkTalk to install a new Openreach landline for you subject to the approval of your landlord.


Or you could consider installing an Ethernet cable to your room from the router or a Wi-Fi extender. You could consider a whole home Wi-Fi Mesh network to get better Wi-Fi reception for the whole household.

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