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URGENT- New Broadband Order Cancelled by Talk Talk without Notification

First Timer

I had ordered New Broadband connection on 14th of March which supposed to go live on 31st March but one week before I got a mail out of Blue that your order cancelled though I didn't requested that.I called Customer Care to check but they also not had any information and told to place a new order which will go live on 8th April. I am in urgent need of Broadband so I agreed but again yesterday I got a mail from TalkTalk your order cancelled again I didn't requested any cancellation. I am not sure what's happening and I need Broadband urgently as all Companies are asking employee to do workil from home and due to unavailability of WiFi it's getting difficult to me to do work from home. Can someone please Help.



Raghav Upadhayay

TalkTalk Content Team - TT Staff

Hi @Raghav I have passed this onto the team, someone will be in touch to help ASAP. We're working through a large queue with a reduced support team at the moment, so we really appreciate your patience 🙂 

Community Manager - TT Staff

Hey Raghav, 


Sorry for the delayed reply, we're doing our best in these unprecedented circumstances due to the Corona virus to answer everyone as quickly as possible.


The order appears to have been cancelled and whilst i have limited information, as you suggested however the information we have suggests it was cancelled by your current service provider, are you currently with anyone for your broadband as it possible they cancelled it when they would have had a cease command issued to them?


I'm sorry however i'm unable to replace the order but would ask that you place the order again and if you do have a current service provider, id suggest you maybe contact them to advise you'll be leaving and not to cancel the unsolicited cease they will receive from openreach. 


Stephen, Community Manager

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