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USB Connected file server

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Hi Community


I've got the Sagemcom Fast new router from TalkTalk, on a TT connection naturally, and I've configured an old TalkTalk supplied HG633 that I've bridged in to act as a second WiFi access point. This all seems to run tickety boo.


I'm hoping to use the USB port of HG633 as I used it before, as a file/media server across the whole network. This has been a partial success, with some devices and apps able to see it, some can't. Typically, the one I'd like most to be able to access it, my TV connected Roku, can't seem to see it.


uPnP is on on both routers, but maybe some manual port opening may be needed, but this is where my beginner to intermediate router configuration knowledge has hit a brick wall.


I'd appreciate any comments and suggestions. TIA

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The SAMBA V1 protocol used by the HG633 is now considered very insecure & should not be used. You really need to move towards a NAS style of storage device (can be a shared drive on a PC).

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please mark it as the Best Answer.
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Thanks Keith


I see what you're saying, but really can't justify considering a dedicated NAS, or even running a PC to host a server 24/7 either. Time's a changing, and it's years since our household ran a traditional PC that could be left running as a server.

Neither is the use of this really extensive, more just a nice to have. My music is the main thing that would be nice to have centralised access. And occasionally I used to shift a file onto it, to drag down onto another device, although doing that more in the cloud these days.