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Unable to access a working URL from TalkTalk Network - Deferred here by Support Agent

First Timer



Looking for some help after very little success with the online support agents.


I have two domains which I host on a dedicated server with, these have worked fine for a number of years and been accessible from TalkTalk until I believe last weekend when I could not access them over HTTP/FTP/SMTP. After 3 separate sessions totalling almost 6 hours with the online support agents they have deferred me here as unable to resolve the issue.


  • Domains are all up and running and accessible outside of the TalkTalk network
  • I’ve attempted to connect using multiple apps/devices from my home network but no joy
  • I do not have kid/family safe or any filtering enabled
  • Router/devices have alll been rebooted a number or times
  • First two incidents with the support agents did result in connectivity being restored but they couldn’t advise how, third time they could not resolve
  • The main hosting also appears to be inaccessible even though up and accessible outside of TalkTalk


Assuming this is just some sort of IP range block or DNS issue but would be great if someone here could assist with resolving.


Many thanks

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi AndyB321,


Have you tried switching the router off for a full 30 minutes and then retested this again?




First Timer

Not for a full 30 mins no as impacts my ability to work, however willing to give it a go but are you able to advise what this triggers/achieves? Also will it reset/loose any existing settings? 


Community Manager - TT Staff
We're going to need more info about the domain itself, is resolving to Paragon Internet Group Limited which doesn't appear to be blocked, not saying it's not that... You mention and DNS issue, have you attempted to access the site by ip address to bypass DNS also what happens when to do a trace route to the site whilst on your talktalk connection, where is it falling over?

This doesn't work -
What about this -

Stephen, Community Manager

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Community Team - TT Staff

Hi AndyB321


A 30 minutes power down of the router will just start a new session, this wont affect any settings.





First Timer

Just to update, powering the router off to create a new session seems to have fixed the issue. Domains have remained available for the past 24+ hours.


Thanks for all your help! 

Community Team - TT Staff

That's great news, thanks for letting us know