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Uploading kills downloading

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Like some others on this forum, whenever we are uploading (e.g., Google Drive) the downloading stops or slows to less than 1.00 mbps.We have the HG633 router with the latest firmware. This is an ongoing problem that has been with us since switching to TallkTalk about a year ago (no problem with previous supplier) it started as soon as the TalkTalk service with the HG633 .

We have both wired and WiFi devices and the problem occurs with both . I have tried trouble shooting with information from this forum and the internet without success. Reading other posts it seems it may be a problem with our router I would grateful for any help with this as it is now becoming a frustration . 

A little more information -- Average download speed 18.00 mbps

                                          Average upload speed       0.72 mbps



Thanks Phil14711



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With Google Drive, where you have quite a bit to upload, you can often see this. It is not normally a broadband problem, but a priority problem with its default setup in Windows.


In Google Drive, go to:-


Preferences > Settings > Network Settings > Bandwidth Settings


I normally set a limit on both the upload & download on mine of 500Kbps (I have 40/10 fibre), you may want to experiment with that though. 

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@Phil14711 Alternatively ask to get the router swapped for a 3782 - problem solved across all devices ( such as when sending a load of pictures via what’s app you can still watch BBC iPlayer ). Unfortunately mobile apps don’t let you throttle their data usage over WiFi.


if you use a VPN then the 3782 may not be ideal, so maybe consider calling retentions and negotiate a discounted TalkTalk WiFi Hub