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Using 3rd party router with talktalk

First Timer

Hi, Thinking of joining talktalk but am getting mixed messages about the use of my 3rd party router with talktalk. I currently use a Netgear x4s d7800 on Vodafone where they provided the username and password to use. I went on to talktalk chat and asked if this router could be used and the agent said no....but I don't put a lot of faith in the answer given that the agent wanted to go through security questions with me despite the fact I told her I was NOT yet a talktalk customer!?

Anyway could anyone share their knowledge/experience ?

Many thanks

Community Star

Hi @markbradley1972  welcome to the community, I have no experience with your Netgear but I have absolutely no problems with my Draytek working on TT. Do keep hold of the router they provide as it is impossible to support every router/modem should you have issues.

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.
Wizz Kid

yes had a dreytek 130 vigor modem with a linksys WRT1200ac wi fi router working on TT - the new TT supplied wifi hub has reports coming in about TT and the intelligent wi-fi control through its tr069 port being .... well flawed..... and TT have locked out the ability to opt out....

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Hi @markbradley1972 


I'm using an Asus DSL-AC68U with absolutely no issues.


I'm not familiar with the Netgear unit you have but bear in mind that you don't need usernames & password for TT. On my router I simply selected Automatic IP at the set up stage.


If the Netgear doesn't have that option then your username is your phone number followed by @ For the password I've seen posts that claim you can get this from the support although not always easily (maybe an OCE could help?) but if not then you can apparently also retrieve it using wireshark.


If you do join then I suggest that you use the TT supplied router for the first 2-3 weeks to let the DLM do its thing and then switch. You will need to have a TT router on hand if you ever have any issues so don't get rid of it.


No offence to the TT chat support but this forum is light years ahead of their tier 1 support.



First Timer

Many thanks everyone....your advice and insight is far better than my initial contact with TT, I'm now very glad I posted my question here. If I'd taken their advice I wouldn't be moving to TT so you'd think it would be in their interests for their staff to be fully up to speed....


Very good point about using the TT router for a couple of weeks....I hadn't thought of that, a bit of a pain but in the long run probably essential.


Thanks again 👍