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Using HG633 on the Faster Fibre network & the Wifi Hub as a slave access point

First Timer

Just upgraded to the TT "Faster Fibre Package" with the Wifi Hub router. My living room area is too far from the DSL entry point to get a decent wifi signal from the wifi-hub. My aim is to use my old HG633 router to connect to the TT fibre network and use the Wifi Hub as the living room wifi access point while connecting the two with an ethernet cable.


My problem is I cannot connect to the TT fibre network with the HG633 routers, currently the 'Access Type' is (automatically) set to 'VDSL' and I couldn't find the values for the "Internet Account" & "Internet Password" Settings to login as I can't find those settings/values on the wifi Hub GUI. It would great if someone have the solution or point me to a previous thread that provides a solution. Thank you for your help!


(Talktalk technical support told me that authentcation on the fibre network is hidden & done automatically? so My HG633 should connect automatically to the TT network, but at the moment, (on the HG633), I can see that there is a connection, but no WAN ip address has been given and the internet light stays red)


The TalkTalk supplied HG633 works with fibre "out of the box", no additional settings are needed.


If the router is a TT version, then try a factory reset.


If the Hub is working and the 633 isn't, that would point to a faulty 633.