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Very slow connection in evening. Issue or Throttling ??

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over the past month I have been having very slow speeds in the evenings (usually from around 7pm every night) I have run multiple speed tests from various devices connected both via 2.4 & 5Ghz wifi and also through ethernet. 


I don't usually use the suppled talktalk router as I needed one with QoS so I use an Asus router.


Last night I rebooted and reset the Asus router and still it made no difference, so I reconnected the talktalk router and again reset and rebooted and once again no difference to speeds.


using the service status on the website it shows issues with stability and line speed on my connection.


I spoke to live chat this morning about the issue (I tried last night but the connection was so bad that it wouldn't even connect to them) after they ran a test they said the talktalk router needed an update which they completed and said that had fixed the issue, but I do not use that router so that would not fix the issue, yet they didn't seem to listen to me when I told them that.


over the course of 3 hours and multiple speedtests my download speeds varied between 0.17Mbps & 1.60Mbps. 


Could someone please look into this for me as I believe there to be a fault somewhere.


Thank you.

Community Team - TT Staff



Can you please add your home phone number to your Community Profile so I can locate your details.


If unsure of your number, simply dial 17070 from your land line phone and this will confirm the number for you.


Please reply when this has been updated.





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Thank you for the reply,


Sorry for the delay in getting back I have been at work this afternoon.


I have updated my profile, please let me know if you need anything else.


Many thanks,

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Zananamanon,


Thanks and I'll take a look now. I've run a test on the line which hasn't detected a fault, however I can see quite a few re-connections on the line. Is your connection also unstable?


In regards to the slow speeds at peak times, could you run a few more wired speed tests when the speeds are good and also when the speeds drops using the TalkTalk speed tester and also run a ping and trace route (wired) when the speed is good and also when the speed is slow and post the results into the thread please.


Run a Ping or Traceroute