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WIFI Hub: Distance from socket.


My master socket is on one side of my flat with wireless devices on the other. Before I consider buying a wireless extender, I was wondering how long the lead can be from the WiFi hub to the socket without it impacting in my Internet speeds? 

Whizz Kid

I'm no expert but I was chatting about cabling to the BT Openreach engineer who came to fit my new 5C Master Socket and he told me that for socket to router the "twisted pair " type was far superior to the flat untwisted version and then he kindly made me a new cable. Mine is just over 2m in length but as I understand it they can be longer and 5m and 10m lengths are available (with mixed reviews).  I'm not sure it it's permissible to post links to other sites here so instead Google  twisted pair rj11 and check out the result from the ispreview website. 

Thanks for the tip. Found some cables already. 5m should be more than long enough so i think I will give it a go.

If it works it allows me to move the router into a position which reduces the number of walls between the router and the wireless devices, hopefully improving the signal.
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I swapped from the supplied lead to a 20m twisted pair rj11 cable and did not detect any material change in the speed or the number of errors the router detected.  


However I am also impressed with the range of the wireless hub.  You may not need to move it 🙂


I do get a difference in reported speeds if I use a wired connection to my (old) laptop rather than wireless.


Hope that helps,




I have been using 10m extension for many years.

It made absolutely no difference to speeds when I had really slow 3Mbps normal broadband.

On changing to fibre, same result, no difference.

It is not a shielded or twisted pair but does not run near any electrical equipment.