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Whitelisting support needed for Proctor Exam

First Timer

I have an upcoming online exam where I am required to use a website called ProctorU - However talktalk block some features needed in order to comply with the rules. I have seen others post similar threads and seemed to get it sorted by one of you helpful people! I've seen other University's advise that the below be allowed/whitelisted:

- Port 1935

- LogMeIn Rescue

- Spam Protection

- HomeSafe


I've had a slightly more confusing email from CIPFA:

TalkTalk and Virgin Media customers will find that they are blocked from fully accessing ProctorU.

To lift this restriction, simply contact your internet provider and ask them to whitelist or remove scam protection from the URLs detailed in this article:


Help would be appreciated! I have a slot on Saturday to test my pc is able to connect and everything works before my exam on the 3rd March.


Thanks in advance.

Community Star

If it is scam protection, go to my account and you can turn Scam Protection off there.
To do so:
1 Log in to MyAccount
2 Select My Services
3 Select View HomeSafe settings
4 Select OFF and confirm when you see the pop-up window

You may also need to disable any pop up blocker you may have installed.


I think though it is more than that and you are in the staff's queue for a response.
For a quicker reply can you please ensure you have your personal information up to date in your profile including your TalkTalk landline phone number so your account can be traced. Link here -
If you are unsure of your phone number, you can find this in My Account or dial 17070 from your landline phone and this will confirm the number for you.
Thank you

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