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Why can I not get the fibre boost

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Hi forum,

I am the member originally known as digitalsection (but for some reason I had to make a new account due to my password not being acceptable)


I just logged in to my account to check my latest bill and noticed TT were offering the faster fibre boost for £27.50 for 18 months, I tried to sign up to this great offer but the webpage stated something 'went wrong' and asked me to call TT on an 0800 number, I did this and was told I cannot get the faster fibre boost in my area.


Seriously? my router is synced at over 56MB, yet I get 35MB on the faster fibre package, so why can I not upgrade to around 50MB for price advertised?


I have been with TT almost 5 years (I think)


At present I am paying £25 a month for 30-34MB, so why cannot get the 20MB+ upgrade for £2.50 a month extra?

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Or if I cannot get the faster fibre boost then why can I not get the upto 40 MB for £22.50 after being a TT customer for over 5 years?

It seems like long term customers are not being rewarded with good prices and only people who switch to TT get the best prices and deals 😞


If, as you say, your router is in sync at 56 Mbps then you must already have the boost active on your line 


Sync speeds above 40 are not possible without the boost !

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That is incorrect, the router will show the maximum downspeed rate, this the highest sync to the DLM regardless of whether your are on faster fibre (40MB) or the faster fibre boost (70MB) My current maximum sync is 55, which suggests the fibre boost should take me from my current 35MB line rate = around 4MB/s which is about right given overheads/interleaving etc upto 53MB = around 6.3MB/s

You are getting a bit confused.


The router WILL NOT sync above 40 Mbps on faster fibre (no boost)


You said in your original post you were synced at 56, but you were obviously quoting the theoretical rate, not your actual sync speed.


TT are being much more cautious about the boost now, especially when the guaranteed minimum is close to 40.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @dgsection


Thanks for your post. 


Unfortunately The fibre speed boost is not available to you, We have calculated that your lines Highest Throughput speed at peak time is just over 40 mbps, the business have taken  the decision not to allow the speed boost for these lines as it offers no benefit in terms of speeds, so the option is removed from these accounts. 


Sorry for any inconvenience caused. 

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OK, my mistake thanks @martswain 🙂


@OCE_ArneThat's unfortunate, for just £2.50 per I thought I could gain a 30% speed increase, It would be nice if TT offered customers like myself who cannot get the boost a much better deal on contract renewal, I have been a customer for over 5 years, yet new customers can get a contract/router and 24 month contract with no increases for 10% less than I, that seems a bit unfair imo. Anyhow, thank you both for your replies, I am still a happy TT customer 🙂