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Why can't I keep my current phone number.

First Timer

We were with talktalk for a number number of years until about 2 1/2 years ago are had been very happy with them. Living in a village we didn't then have access to fibre but talktalk had done something to our line (LLU?) which made the standard broadband better than it had been.


About three years ago FTTC came to our village but talktalk repeatedly inserted that they could not provide it to us, despite all of the comparison sites listing them as an option (until transferred to the talktalk website and out phone number entered).


We reluctantly moved to BT but found ourselves spending much more per month, and then moved to Vodaphone but the connection has not been very stable.  About a year ago we discovered that our next door neighbours now receive fibre from talktalk and so I checked availability again. It still said that it was not available.  As we live in a village which all receives its connection from the same box this does not make sense.


My contract with Vodaphone is due to end shortly and I would really like to move back to talktalk. Using their site, my postcode and my address says that fibre is available, but then entering my phone number says that nothing is available. However, if I do not put my number in, and say that I want a new number it will quite happily let me and even says that an engineer visit is not needed. Having had this number for almost twenty years, I really don't want to think about how many people I would have to inform if it were to change.  


From a quick Google, transferring a number from Vodaphone to talktalk shouldn't be a problem. Could this be some unforeseen problem from whatever they did to our line all of those years ago to speed it up, which had made it different to others in the area and, if so, is there a way around it?  I tried asking this before we left 2 1/2 years ago via the online chat and the phone helpline but it was very much a case of "computer says no" without them appearing to really understand what I was asking.


Sorry for the long post. All I want is to rejoin talktalk with fibre and keep our current number and cannot understand why it is so difficult.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi  @dhtah


I'm sure that we don't have a porting agreement with Vodaphone, but I will look further into this for you,  


I'll post  back when I get some clarification.