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Why does F@ST 5364 show up as a Network Location in Windows 10?

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I just installed my new Wifi Hub and noticed that F@ST 5364 now shows up as a Network Location on my Windows Laptop (running Insider version 1903).


Clicking on it, just seems to make it go away for a bit as does right-clicking and trying to select properties.


Is there anything that this can be used for or is it just that Windows 10 is detecting network traffic and identifying the device?


Annotation 2019-04-04 000842.png

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi StarNamer,


Where does it show up? 


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It'd be in "This PC", formerly "My Computer". I'd assume it's acting as a network drive. Same place I have my "zombyserver" Network Attached Storage.


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Hi Chris,


Exactly as zomby says, in "This PC" under the section "Network Locations" as shown in my partial screenshot.


I can't think of anywhere else this could be referring to, Presumably, you don't use Windows much.


In any event, why is the router publishing itself as a network location? \Does it do anything useful?



Community Team - TT Staff



This works as designed as a shortcut to the router UI page, instead of loading an internet browser and typing in the address bar to navigate to the router, by selecting the router network location in file explorer will launch the default browser and load the router UI page.