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WiFi Hub - static IP addresses

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@captain paranoia wrote:

Mine updated yesterday.

Four months effort hasn't achieved much.

It still doesn't show some devices that are connected via WiFi.

It still forgets the 'friendly' names


But if I turn off the retina-burning LED it now stays off.  As you say, not a lot of improvement in a very long-awaited update.

To be fair they may have fixed some profound issues I didn't know about ?


My gut instinct says TT have lost interest in this piece of kit, and maybe lost faith in Sagem.  But of course I don't know that, it's just idle speculation.

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I agree that this is a useful feature that I miss, having upgraded ....
I need it mainly to assign a known ip address to the mac addresses of various bits of hardware, even if they have had their os updated or configuration reset.
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Just adding my name to the list of people who are affected by this.

New TalkTalk user and immediately I'm hitting issues configuring my various IP cams and servers because of lack of BASIC functionality. 

I cant believe that a router with DHCP on it wouldn't have address reservation! 

I'm unplugging and will make do with my own router not. Its older but at least has the necessary features to manage a small network. Unlike the piece of crap talktalk have sent me.

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New user as of today and I can't believe how useless the TT Modem is.  Just spent ages with Tech support who wouldn't/couldn't tell me how to set my LAN IP address and DHCP range but directed me here.  Now I know why.  Who in their right mind crippled a modern modem rather than just having a proper advanced user function.  Unbelievable.  Fortunately it seems I can use my own modem, but have yet to try that.

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Just joined TT from Sky where I could set reserved IPs and its very useful as I have >25 devices on my network (wired and wireless) including network switch, home automation, NAS, TVs, Sonos, Nest etc. Being able to specifically connect to a know IP for management is very useful.

So day 0 on TT and find I can't do this most basic of configurations - WTF!.

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Just joined TT from Sky where I could set reserved IPs and its very useful as I have >25 devices on my network (wired and wireless) including network switch, home automation, NAS, TVs, Sonos, Nest etc. Being able to specifically connect to a know IP for management is very useful.

So day 0 on TT and find I can't do this most basic of configurations - WTH!.


Hey omendata, it sounds like you are already doing what I want to do - relegate the wifihub to being just a modem and use a different router (in my case Ubiquiti EdgeRouter) to give me the routing function I need.  


I figure I just switch off DHCP, and switch off the WiFi (I have separate WiFi access points).  Do I need to switch off DNS too? 


Then on the EdgeRouter, I’d assume I just use DHCP (not PPPoE) to talk to the modem on the WAN port? 


Advice much appreciated.  Saves me a problem if I can get this working as a modem.  



Richard W - I just want it to work...

Hi, I'm a new user and need to assign a few static IP's in order for my hardware to function correctly, reading between the lines on here a few have the updated firmware pushed out, is this still the case or has it been pushed to all users and I'm playing catch up?

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Thanks for this.  It confirms what I was trying to resolve.  Though I could really do with the static reservations; I can work around that.  What I can't really work around, is that the static DNS address is non-editable in the DHCP Client settings. 


This means I can't use the router in my network as I don't use the 192.168.1.x range, and don't always have the router at that address.  Is their any way round this?  My old HG533 doesn't seem too happy with the fibre connection (though I haven't tried much to solve this yet).


I HAVE TO edit this setting.  I'm not going to reconfigure my whole network because of this rather poor choice.


If necessary; I'm willing to flash the firmware (even non-talktalk firmware, if it's a realistic option).


Is there a usable open-wrt firmware for this hardware?


Trisha - Technical Consultant
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Firstly I too need to reserve IPs and would love for someone at TT to manually push this to my router (probably after my go live date of 10/05/2019 since you refuse to acknowledge that I am a)using the hub early b) that I am in fact a TT customer who is entitled to TT support despite UPGRADING my package from a previous TALKTALK contract to a NEW TT contract. (Support constantly giving me "I see your services are not yet due to go live until 10/05/19 so we are unable to help" BS since my go live is for a speed upgrade from an existing contract.




Sagemcom haven't got the new firmware on their website, although this seems normal as they don't list any firmware for hw provided to specific ISPs. Post on page 1 lists Sagemcoms Sunrise Internet Box as a very close comparison to the HW but there is no firmware for this either. The Sunrise Box is based on Sagemcom F@st 5360 generic platform launched in BBWF 2014 and I haven't found any firmware for this but would guess it would be worth a shot on the TT box if (if it can be found) they don't generally release the new SG4K10001E00t firmware for the TT box soon.

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If you start your own thread (new message), wed love to help.


Weve found that posting in someone elses conversation makes it harder to follow when looking for an answer.


Its easier and quicker if we can chat with you in a single thread, if you start your own thread, that will keep our community organised and help others with a similar problem.


Check your home phone number or account number are also added to your Community Profile as that will really help us to find your details quicker.





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captain paranoia
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Sorry, Karl, but it's very clear that TalkTalk really don't have any interest in adding even the most basic functions to this router.


It's hardly surprising that TalkTalk came bottom, yet again, in user satisfaction.


The whole point of keeping one thread for reporting and tracking the same problem is that advice and experience the n the same problem is kept in one place.


The whole point of you wanting people to 'raise their own thread' is to stop other people finding out just how many other people have the same problem, and revealing just what an awful service you are providing.


Even this text entry box has bugs; you can't even get a forum that works...



Community Team - TT Staff

Hi captain paranoia,


Apologies, the reason we ask for individual threads to be created is to avoid confusion if we need to update firmware or provide specific support on an individual basis. We're more than happy for multiple users to share their experience on this thread, however if you'd like us to look into this specifically then we do ask that you please start your own thread.


In regards to the forum issue, could you let us know specifically what issue you're experiencing with the text entry box?