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Wifi Hub - Adding second router

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I'm waiting on delivery of the new wifi hub having recently upgraded to faster fibre, and discovered through the forums that there is no parental controls (Something that needs to be included imo).


My question is can i use my old Archer D20 adsl2+ wifi router as an access point of sorts so that i can use its parental controls?


I've read that i can connect a second router via lan to the new vdsl router to achieve this, but would be thankful if someone could confirm it. This is all starting to get a little more complicated than I'm used to. :joytears:

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You can use homesafe to block websites from young ones if needed.


You can connect another router to the hub and use this as an access point and use the security settings on this if you wish.





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best way is plug your archer in (dont plug it in the phone line)  and look in the menus for the settings 

on my archer vr600 i got access point ..4g routher  so if you can change mode your set to go 

just turn off the wifi on the wifi hub conect with lan cable on any port 

the other end to lan4/wan on archer 

only thing the wifi on the archer is very slow speeds compare to the talk talk routers 

best way is to try it if the speed sucks you can grab a better router  

and think off power running two hubs 

why not a all in one dsl router ?


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Thanks for the replies. I was thinking of using my old D20 just for the kids to connect to and everything else connected to the new hub.

The reason being is the time limit options via mac address under its parental controls.

The D20 I believe has 300mbps over 2.4ghz and 433mbps over 5ghz.

The archer doesnt have a AP mode. Just Dsl Modem Router Mode and Wifi Router Mode.
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the setting you want is wifi router mode so thats good just make sure you turn off wifi on the hub and connect to wan lan 4
your good to go pal
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Set it all up to test.. 


Tried the method i read about, which involved setting the ip address of my old router to one from the ip pool of the new router and disabling its dhcp and plugged it into one of the lan ports on the new router. And whilst it did work, and i could connect to both routers independently, the parental controls from the old router did not work.


Tried the method above, and could not connect to wifi at all after switching to wifi router mode. Indefinite "connecting" loop when trying to connect on any device. 


Short of buying a new vdsl router with parental controls, I suspect there is nothing I can do. 


Parental control time limit options on the new wifi hub firmare is a must. I see its been asked for numerous times over the past several months on the forum.

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did you turn off the wifi on both bands in the talk talk router ?

it should work 

unless the dsl router is unstable 

i tested mine with a tplink vr600 in router mode and works with the dsl 3782 


as for perant controls your best off getting a 3rd party dsl router and if you got a iphone or android you can use there app which is linked to the router 

. my daughter hates it when the phone comes out she knows the ipad is going off lol  

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I have been looking to add capacity onto our router too, hence why I was looking at your post.


Parental controls I prefer are from Open DNS - they have a free provision called Family Shield. I don't think the inbuilt parental controls which UK ISPs have are very effective - but the Family Shield seems to be very effective and relatively easy to set-up. Set and forget!


Hope it helps you.

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The most important aspect of parental controls that i need is the time limit control options per device via mac address. Whereby internet access is only allowed between certain hours. I.E: 3pm and 10pm. 


But i thank you for the opendns tips. 

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You, theoretically, can set it up with a different SSID that only the kids have access to, providing you a second WiFi network that you can keep control over. It'll need to be bridged in via ethernet into the primary router to get it's internet connection, and have a few settings changed (a google search should help, "setting up an old router as an access point", as that's how I did it. You can also use different channels on both routers, to cut down on WiFi congestion.

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I did that previously, but it doesn't solve the parental control problem. Not in my experience anyway. With the old router bridged as an AP the parental controls from it do not work. 

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Was a big selling point with parents how they used to allow so much control. Surprised they moved away from it. It's electronic warfare trying to keep your kids safe online.