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Wireless dropping

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Good Afternoon, 


Thought i'd try here with the online chat not being avialable. 


The wireless in my house keeps dropping. I've had issues with the router for probably a year now with poor signal coverage to whcih i didnt get much help on. 


Over the past few days the wireless has dropping, kicking all connected devices off for about 2 minutes before allowing to reconnect. So to reiterate, this is'nt an issue with a conneted device, its the router. 


Router has been rebooted a few times this week already. When this happened and you try to reconnect, you just get unable to connect to network. Eventually it allows you to reconnect. 


The second issue is that all devices get extremely high response times both internally and externally. Pings to teh router over a 30 minute window can average about 150ms which has a knock on effect to general internet connectivity. 


I've also checked some devices and show on either 2.4 or 5ghz, connection speed of 20mbps internally. 


I suspect i have a faulty router however don;t know where to go with no telephone number or online chat to use. I have a d-link dsl 3782 and have done for 3-4 years now and over this time, wireless signal strength has progressively worsened. 


Sorry to bore a lot of you! 


Many thanks and happy Thursday!

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