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Wireless no internet

First Timer

All was well with my internet until the past few weeks. My hub wifi wireless is staying connected to any wifi device in my house but shows no internet connection. If I reset the hub all works again fur a little while then it happens again. Anything via LAN wired is ok no issues seen. The white light on the box is always a steady white light. 


Contacted the live chat but did not get very far don't think they understood my issue. Can someone please help. 

Community Star

Hi Mark, welcome to the community your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear during tomorrow. Have you tried a pin reset on the router?

The community is very busy, what took minutes can take hours. Be patient, avoid multiple posts and stay healthy, please. 0345 172 0046 working Lo
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi markpearson35


I'm sorry to hear this.


Have you also tried a factory reset using the pin hole reset for ten seconds?