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broadband still not activated

First Timer

Hi there I moved into a new house and my broadband was supposed to be activated today. However my phone line is totally dead and on the router the internet button is red and everything else is green. Can someone help me please as I can not get through to anyone on the phone



S odonnell
TalkTalk Content Team - TT Staff

Hi @Shelley1985 I have passed this onto the team to take a look for you. Someone will be in touch to help ASAP.

Before we can look into your account please can you add your home phone number to your Community Profile so we can locate your details. Please do not post any personal info on here as it’s public.

We’re working through a very large queue with a reduced support team at the moment, so we really appreciate your patience 😊

First Timer

That’s great Thankyou I will add my phone number just now 

S odonnell
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Shelley1985,


The order is in progress and will go through today. 


Orders can complete anytime up until midnight on your go live date.





First Timer
Thankyou so much
S odonnell
First Timer

Hi there it came on and worked for like ten minutes now it has gone off again? Is this normal? Thankyou 

S odonnell
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Shelley1985


I've checked the connection stats and your line is showing in sync and connected.


How has the connection been since your last post?