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fiber speed boost

Whizz Kid

perhaps someone can explain got email 12/02/20 have a speed boost for your fiber £2.50 i thought great clicked on it said great sucess added waite 72 hours be activated NO it hasnt doesnt show up in my account either had long chat with some gentleman from god knows were only to be told yes its on our system after 2 hours of him going quiet for 9 minutes at a time these chats with your call centres sort of make you loose the will to live trouble is if you pay peanuts you get monkeys need to move call centres back to uk

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @anoyed


I will look into this for you and get back to you. 




First Timer

Hi the same happened to me, offered a £2.50 pm speed boost so I said yes...... nothing happend spent 20 minutes with some unknown who then suddnley annoced they had problems with their systems can I call back in 20 minutes ......... NO.

If you look at your account its listed as an extra, but stangley enough their is no sign of the offer on their website. Suprinsingly it does offer another type of  contract for £25.00 which is what I would have been paying if the £2.50 boost was in fact a real offer however you have to sign for a 18 month contract ......... NOW ISINT THAT STRANGE?


Community Team - TT Staff



Boosts can be added at anytime and do not require you to re-contract. Can you start your own topic and update your community profile and I can look into this.   



First Timer

Hi. You are incorrect the boost that was advertised and sent to me via email No longer exists on the website and has not been added to my account. If this is incorrect please send me a link to the offer of boosting your internet speed for £2.50 per month with the option to remove or add on s monthly basis.

Conversation Starter

they tried that one with me... i paid a fiver a month for extra boost... never got activated... turns out in the end "sorry the speed on your exchange is not viable with the boost" 😞