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fibre availability

Team Player



We would like fibre broadband but it says it's unavailable on the website in our area despite them installing the fibre line up to the last telegraph pole to the house a few weeks ago. Our normal internet speed is very slow and getting fibre would be a welcome boost. when can we get it?

Whizz Kid

Take a look here 


This will show you what broadband products  available to your property. 


There are usually a number of weeks/months before the products are made available for sale via ISPs. 

Team Player


Thanks. Looks like we can get it? FTTP on Demand?


Whizz Kid

FTTPoD is not the same product as FTTP. 


FTTPoD is very expensive, basically laying a dedicated connection. Can run into thousands of pounds. 


It may take some weeks for the system to show VDSL or FTTP as a product. 


From what i can make out the exchange is not a FTTP priority exchange.  


Maybe a VDSL connection is whats been provided. 



Team Player



They've put a dedicated line in alongside the existing telephone line where we are 2.5 miles from the town (Builth Wells). 


From that table and your description it will be FTTP.


Even when TT start re-selling the product, they are currently offering it to new customers only.


You should also be aware that TT do not offer a phone line, it is a broadband-only service.


Neither do they offer a VOIP solution.



Team Player

Thanks Martin. 


So the existing phone line would be defunct? Seems odd. 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi sonia40,


We can take a look at your existing service to see if we can improve your speeds. How many telephone sockets do you have? Do you have anything connected to your telephone socket(s) in addition to your router?