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have I made a mistake

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is this acceptable? bet no one be happy with this on faster fibre, shocking😫 trying to watch games-con live, fat chance


Community Team - TT Staff

Hi andy,


I'm really sorry to hear this and hopefully our Complaints Team can get to the bottom of this for you.




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ok, so engineer has been, and there is not one error on line, he said surprisingly, in fact he commented on how clean the line was and with low snr, spent about 30mins here going through everything, have to say he was a fab person and gave some useful info, top marks for him.even commented on how i went out to buy the best available equipment, ie cat6 ethernet and modem cabling 

so the conclusion he has come too, which i guess we already know, is its 100% congestion issue, which is pretty annoying as if had known would have gone elsewhere with an isp has a lower contention rate.

because i cant be coping with 90% drops in speed as dont have an aerial so rely on 100% on streaming.


but we see how we go, have just got a cheap modem archer v900 for a tenner, so will try that and see how things go.

so i guess you will see me back if speeds begin to fall again🤣

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so have to say a big thank you to talk talk for bearing with me, things have been great since engineer has came, though strangely found nothing but a good quality line, but all has been running like a dream since switching to the vr900 modem router👍