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online this morning just browsing forthcoming offers as my contract ends august typed in my email and phone number said already a talktalk customer login to account when I did said pending order    I did not order anything says order for firbe pending for 12/2    THIS IS WRONG CANCEL THIS IMMEDIATELY AND LEAVE MY CURRENT ORDER AS IT WAS   PLEASE RESPOND URGENTLY


There is no forum support from TT staff at the weekends.


Suggest you use Live Chat or call on the phone if you need a solution today.


@paja32 Please use live chat and see what they say on the matter and if u are looking to renew with tt then ask for customer loyaity team and do not say yes to the 1 offer try again anohter time if not like what they offer u 

Hope that help Regards Joe
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It's an OpenReach upgrade, I had the same thing happening to me in November 2019, no contact and I only found out by looking on my account. I thought that I'd accidentally raised an order and eventually got it cancelled via online chat.

Recently I received a generic email, no name or account details, this time it explained what would happen and that an engineer would contact me before the 'go live' date which is tomorrow February 3rd, needless to say, nothing. I thought the email was a scam, not giving any personal details.

I can't see the benefit of fibre when the last stretch of connection of roughly 100 foot from the telephone pole in the street to the master socket is still 40+ year old copper cable. Any gains of fibre to the green street box will be lost via the copper cable.

Having spoken to a member of the TT technical team today, I've not managed to cancel, the only thing I can now do is to hope it all goes well.

Last time I lost the Internet connection shortly after joining from BT, it took 3 months and TT High Level Complaints team to rectify the problem, so their track record isn't great.

I would suggest that you contact TT as soon as you can. In November 2019, I was transferred to the Customer Loyalty team who cancelled the original request, but looks as if the customer has no say in this, as eventually they plan to upgrade anyway, whether you want it or not.


It is the DISTANCE to the fibre cabinet that (mostly) determines your speed.


If your phone line is working normally you should get the estimated speeds as given in your order.


Your situation is no different to millions of customers on the FTTC service !

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @paja32


I can confirm that the order has been cancelled, It look like it was placed via one of our "one click" marketing emails that was sent at the end of January. 


Sorry for any confusion caused. 

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Thank you for confirmation.  I was on u switch just looking for offers and being elderly meant to click on get details my hand slipped holding mouse and it must have clicked on get offer by mistake the lady on phone was very helpful Sunday morning she did say an automatic email confirmation would come but has not arrived at all