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large amount of security intrusions

Wizz Kid

Hi TT,


i was just glancing the router stats when i noticed a large amount of security intrusion warnings on my log, i can only assume from other logs that it means the firewall is blocking these actions, however most reports tend to be of about 3-5 logs per day, at the time of capturing the log it was in the 70s, that was about 10 mins ago, it's now in its 80s. Any advice? Many thanks  i have a full entry of logs if required. 


Intrusion -> src= DST=[MY IP ADDRESS]LEN=40 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=238 ID=38430 PROTO=TCP SPT=54717 DPT=22 WINDOW=1024

Community Star

Hi @Sephriem


Here's the TalkTalk advice about security: Internet Security (Click here)


The TalkTalk routers report a representative sample of the work that the firewall does in keeping your connected devices safe.  The sample does vary depending on the router and it's firmware version.  For example, an HG633 router on 1.15t factory firmware reports a sample every few hours whereas the 1.22t firmware reports a sample every 10 minutes.  It's not that the attempted intrusions have increased it's just the reporting rate has increased.


Let the firewall do its work, keep your software up to date, run real-time security software and schedule regular security checks and have a look at the Security Hub in MyAccount for reminders about staying safe online.   

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Wizz Kid

Thank you so much for the information, that really put my worries at rest, as you’ve stated most of the reports are 10 min intervals and I had about 160 reports by the end of the day, which seems norm. Thank you again.