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Hi, Is there any way of getting metrics or monitoring data from a talk talk router ? Ideally a way to enable a /metrics URL to scrape stats from it, but anything would be good, even SNMP. Thanks.
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I'm not aware of any hidden menus on the new hub that are of any use at all and whilst there are far more on the older routers I'm not aware of any that would give you the info you are after.


The TT routers like all ISP issued routers serve the mass market who mostly don't need (and probably don't realise why they might need) those stats.


Your best bet may be a 3rd party router, which I appreciate is additional cost but if you need the info then it is what it is. Personally, I use an ASUS-AC68U which certainly gives all the info you need and more. I can see all traffic either globally or to specific devices down to URL level either in real time or historically. I'm sure there are many other makes and models that would do the same though.


Wireshark may also be able to give you some of the info you need.