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phone landline tripler

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Does anybody else have a phone tripler like this one:


attached to the phone connection on a  NTE 5c mk4 master socket and with all the sockets in use ie having 3 landline phones connected to the line.

If so, is your line able to maintain the broadband speed that you should be getting for your package or was your broadband speed degraded after connecting the tripler?

I also have a speech dialler that is part of my house alarm system connected to the home wiring connection socket behind the  NTE 5c mk 4 faceplate.


My broadband speed has decreased to half of what it should be.  TalkTalk sent me a new modem which didn't fix it so an engineer visit has been  arranged. I have had the tripler connected for the last year but broadband speed is now half of what it was, but only decreased a few days ago. I am just curious to find out other peoples experiences.




Edit: Sorry, I posted in wrong forum -  I have Faster Fibre broadband.

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I have moved it for you.


The easiest way to test would be first, by removing the splitter. If that doesn't yield any improvement then second, try connecting the router via a microfilter at the test socket.