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"Get it Right" Report? Legit?

Wizz Kid

Hey all,


Not sure if this is the correct place for this one, but can't hurt asking.


Returning home this evening (after 6pm) I log in to my email and see a "Get It Right" titled email, seemingly from TalkTalk.  I open the email and it mentions my connection being used to download something around 3pm yesterday.  It gives me a link to go to the "get it right" portal to check what this is.  I'm hesitant, but I click the link and, after a couple of minutes get a "token expired" message and it goes not further.  Did I click something I shouldn't have?  I have Avast Security on this PC, with Windows 10 fully updated so perhaps it blocked the link from working somehow?


I did some Googling on this topic, and found that there was some new "initiative" from January 2017 so "Get It Right" seems legit, though it's reportedly quite unreliable and there are a number of scams trying to exploit this initiative and trick users - doubtless to gain some sort of machine / account access.


Anyway, this is the first time I've seen an email like this and I don't think anything untoward has been downloaded on this connection.  I wasn't even here at the time stamp given (3pm) and this connection (with Phone) was set up for my Mum and Dad to use...well, mostly Mum as Dad genuinely doesn't even know how to turn on a Computer - he's happiest sat in front of the TV for entertainment 🙂

I've double-checked the Wifi, and it is enabled - Mum has a laptop I got her - but secured with a password of course, WPA2 etc., so I don't see how it could have been accessed externally, but then network security isn't my area of expertise, just general sensible Firewall, AV etc. like your average user I assume.  I'm fairly confident the PC / Laptop are secure, but perhaps not the Wifi?  Note: I have sometimes observed the internet being slow, despite only me using it, but just assumed it's that particular site or the line has gotten noisy again.  Even Youtube can pause / stop playing entirely, yet my downspeed is reported at around 20mbps.  Could that be a sign of someone else on the connection?


I guess I worry that this might be some sort of Scam - similar to the "Windows Support" phone calls we've had in the past - and am a little concerned that I shouldn't have clicked on that link, even though nothing appeared to happen and it does look like a genuine TalkTalk email from what I can tell.  I've given the PC a scan with malwarebytes, in case it has tried to infect me, but nothing has been found.  If it's not a scam, could the wifi be compromised?


Basically, the email looks like it might be legit, but the reported file doesn't make sense to me (can't bring up details), the reported time was mid-afternoon (not here), and the links don't work.


Finally, one thing I do know from my time online gaming, is that TalkTalk uses a "Dynamic" IP Address, which means it changes regularly - sometimes annoyingly so.  This confused me initially, when people who connected to my Server / Game one day, couldn't the next for example, but I understand what's happening now so use a tool to confirm my externally facing IP address prior to hosting if needed - though Steam handles such things automatically these days of course.  Perhaps that explains it, my IP address wasn't always mine, as they change all the time.  Just speculating there, but it makes sense, plus my connection goes through phases of resetting a lot, which might be a sign of the IP address changing.  I've certainly known my IP address to be different later in the evening vs. earlier when gaming.


Oh, I also have a Huawei Router and they've been getting some VERY bad press lately regarding device security!


Any advice welcome.


Edit: My IP Address just changed again, at least Discord said it had, so I had to verify it was me.

Community Team

Hi Scoobierb5,


It sounds like it's legitimate but if you'd like me to confirm that an email was sent I'll need to confirm some details with you so I've sent you a PM.



Community Team

Hi Scoobierb5,


To confirm you're the account holder can you reply to me via PM (Personal Message) with the following information: 

  • Full Name
  • Home telephone number
  • Are you the account holder
  • 1st and 3rd characters of your password
  • If password is unknown, confirm the below:
  • How do we send the bills to you each month
  • email address

    Note: Please do not post personal information directly in the Forums.



Wizz Kid



Sorry Chris, I've not been home much of late...just catching up this eve.  It's gotten a bit late now, but I'll try to remember to PM you tomorrow (Thursday) if I get the chance.


Note: I did turn off the Wifi and manually connect Mum's laptop via RJ45, just in case it was somehow compromised.


Edit: I never did get your PM, but did of course see your subsequent post with the details you need 🙂

Community Team

Hi Scoobierb5


Have you sent a PM to OCE_Chris?