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"Upgrade to Speed Boost and take your broadband up to an average 67Mb"


I did "Upgrade to Speed Boost and take your broadband up to an average 67Mb" and just ran TT speed test and showed 19MB/11MB. I have suffered this some time.S peed tests never show anything remotely near 67MB. A few months ago TT even sent me a message saying their test showed I should upgrade to fibre which of course I am already paying for plus extra for speed boost. If you ring TT eventually get to someone who runs a test and says all is fine. Not good! Will look elsewhere when contract is up.

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Hi @Suecp ,


If that '67Mb' quote is just from an advert you have seen then this relates to the average speeds across all customers who have the product, many customers will have speeds higher than this, and many will have speeds lower.


When you take out a contract with TalkTalk they will quote you the specific speeds that your phone line is capable of, the maximum speed you can get is totally dependent on the length and quality of the phone line between your home and the street cabinet.


Having said that, if TalkTalk have allowed you to upgrade to Speed Boost then that would imply your phone line is capable of at least around 45mbps download (as if your line couldn't handle speeds at least that fast they would not allow you to add the speed boost option).


Have you tried switching the router off for over 30 minutes, then when you switch it back on it will start a new 'session', this can sometimes help it reconnect at a better speed.


It would be worth going to the Service Centre to do a test on your phone line (I know you say they have already checked this, but can't hurt to test it yourself !), this will indicate if there is currently a fault on your line. You can also access this from the ‘My Account’ site.


Also, if you have a landline phone can you check to see if that is working normally (i.e. you have a clear dial tone and no noise on the line).


The TalkTalk staff on this forum will also be able to help, they will hopefully be able to respond to this post tomorrow.

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Maximum speeds you could potentially achieve based on the distance from the street cabinet that your phone line is connected to :



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Hi Suecp,


I've run a test on the line now which hasn't detected a fault. Can I just confirm, what speeds were you previously receiving prior to the speed boost?