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"upgraded" to fibre

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So we got fibre today.An upgrade from regular talk talk broadband. My solid 15Mbps is now <1Mbps - what gives?


I've been through two very unsatisfactory chat which ended as I ran out of time - had to go get the kids, etc. and have now been holding on the phone for an age to speak to a person


Im within my 20 day cooling off period and if this is indicative of the quality of the service going forward I wonder if I wouldnt be better off getting out now?


Can anyone suggest any quick things to try before I call BT and cancel Talk Talk?


Thanks, JD


One issue you may have is that all fibre installations and performance are done and managed by BT OpenReach, so swapping to BT may be a little redundant without knowing the cause of your problems.


It obviously sounds like the migration to fibre has not been done correctly. The OCEs on these forums should be able to get things sorted, but unfortunately they don't work at the weekends.


Have you tried the Live Chat facility ?


It may also be worth switching your router off for a minimum of 30 minutes, that can sometimes kick the line management system into life and re-establish the line.


It may also save a little time if you can check that your personal information is up to date (name, landline number and an alternative contact number are the key pieces of information), just select the link below :-


Personal Information.

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Update : Just got off the call after being told that my activation date is tomorrow which would explain the problems today.

2 problems with that;

1. no time stated for when it might improve

2. The date for activation is actually today as can be seen in the attached screenshot.

talk talk snip.JPG

Come on talk talk - this is not how you keep loyal customers. I was in two minds about sticking with you when I switched to fibre and this isnt encouraging.

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Yes tried the live chat hence the comment about 2 very unsatisfactory chats.


It's not the fault that is the main problem TBH - its the customer service I am now receiving.


Thats not aimed at you BTW - its aimed at the chat and the person on the phone.


Well a little bit strange.


If you migration date is tomorrow then your broadband speed should not have changed today.


Activation can be at any time of the day (up to midnight).

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Have you seen the screenshot vs what the telephone drone told me?


Sorry one point for clarification. LiveChat isn't over the phone it is an online facility - so some confusion there in my mind as to who you were talking to.


But your screenshot does list the 19th - so if they are delaying it to the 20th then you should have been informed.


Do you still have a useable (ADSL) broadband - as that should be the same as before if the fibre activation isn't until tomorrow.

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we now have approx 1Mpbs between four of us if nothing is changing till tomorrow which is what I was told on the phone then why has this dropped from the solid 15Mbps we have had for the past 18 months. 


I had two very poor chat sessions - so I then called hoping to get better customer experience. 


I am now waiting. I am 13 days into my 20 day cancellation window. There will be two more days to see if things improve and if they dont it will be getting cancelled.


Thanks for the replies but from what I have seen all I can do is cross my fingers and wait.

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