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reasons not to renew , part 1


so , my talk talk account is nearly up for renewal, great , shall i sign up for a new great deal, the kind that only loyal customers get?


should i get a better deal by putting up with poor service and less than advertised speeds, you'd think so.

so i get this when i log in, offered a deal


or i can switch, use a popular site and see this, 


3 months free, £75 voucher, and 67mb speeds i never see, cheapness thats never offered and money off plus a voucher, well done talk talk for making a customer feel wanted.............. not!


funny thing is i might just go someplace else, PS. then you send me an email saying you will up my costs for using or adding an add on.


stick your deal so far up it hurts


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I can understand your frustration!


The best deals can be had by phoning the Loyalty Team. Haggle a bit.

0345 172 0046 is currently working. Say "Loyalty Team" or "leaving TalkTalk" or "cancel TalkTalk" when prompted and you should get through to someone to talk to.
You may though have to listen to a few lengthy recorded messages, but if you persevere you should get through to someone.

They are currently working Monday - Friday 9am-7pm, and some Saturdays going forward.

Please remember to mark Solved Posts with Best Answer. Doing so helps others and saves OCE's time to look at unsolved topics. Thanks, Steve.
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Hi dsofield


As fr8ys has said call our Customer Loyalty Team during Business hours (Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 18:00pm) on 03451720046 or try our Live chat service 


They can help






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I have been with Talktalk some 15 years and my current contract (Fibre 35) for £22.50/month expires next Monday. I had an email from Talktalk a couple of weeks ago reminding me and offering a new 18 month deal at £23.50/month via a link to their site. I decided to take this up, clicked the link only to find that the offer was now £26.00 for 24 months. Spent most of this afternoon on the online chat with various operatives getting nowhere for a long time resulting in my telling them I was leaving and going to another provider. I was transferred to the Better value team, and after another long session was offered a new 24 month Fibre35 contract at £23.50/m with the first 3 months free (which equates to £20.50/m) which I accepted, and a new router. So all I  can say is set aside some time and patience and give it a try. As a long standing loyal customer I would have expected that I would have received this offer in the first place, but that is clearly not what happens. 


i have shopped around and BT will offer me a better deal, not in a million years will i ever stay with a company that will try and give me a poor deal, so i will leave and have no intention of coming back to talktalk.


i will be looking forward to a router that is fully working and giving me the speeds i pay for.


poor service from talktalk costs customers. a lesson they just cant seem to learn.


Id cancel if you are still within the cooling off period. Im a long time customer and am going through poor connection issues at the moment. Had threatened to cancel my old contract but was persuaded to renew to fibre 65 (as they were adamant this would resolve the issue) for £22.99 for 18months. 2nd day of the new contract and i still have poor speeds though. I'll be cancelling this one in a few weeks if its not sorted and trying BT instead.  

lee thornton