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slow speeds

gareth adams
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So on Wednesday night around 9.30pm, i was watching Netflix when i noticed a drop in streaming quality. So I ran some speeds tests and the results where between 1 and 5mbps wired and wireless , so clearly a big drop from the 34 to 36mbps i normally get. So next day i rang tech support, went through all the scripted checks, change cable, plug into test socket etc. The line checks are coming back fine. So the the conclusion of the tech expert was to pay for a engineer to visit, or ring up the device manufacturing companys(because of course it could be all my devices are faulty). So I said no on paying for a engineer, and got in touch with another provider and am in the process of swapping. Now whilst that is going on i would like to give talktalk a chance to fix the problem, so hopefully you people can escalate to the proper people, because I cant go through another 2 hour call with tech support.

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Hi @gareth adams ,


If you run speed tests (preferably from a wired device) at other 'off peak' times do you get the speeds you would normally expect, and if so, does your router automatically speed back up again at 'off peak' times, or do you have to do anything (like restart the router) to get the speed back up again.

gareth adams
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So something funny happened earlier today, after 2 days with speeds of 0.5 and 5mbps my router rebooted on its own without intervention from me. I thought this was strange so I ran some speed checks and they're back to normal. I rang tech support to see if they did anything and they said no. In fact they were still expecting me to arrange a engineer visit with them. So its a mystery, but fingers crossed it's sorted. I wonder if the router updated firmware? No idea. Or maybe its because I'm in process of switching providers and they pulled their fingers out

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Garath,

Glad to hear your speed is back to normal. Your sync speed is showing at 40Mbps for the last couple of weeks which is as far back as I can see but your connection was very unstable on the 23rd. If you do have any further problems please let us know, apologies for any inconvenience