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suddenly can't get to

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@Anonymous wrote:

If you follow the procedure in the TT thread I linked it is quite easy.


And if you mess it up you just do a pin reset to recover the original modem settings.


But, just for my curiosity. You say "My eldest has links to our present IP address ...". Technically althought they rarely time out, fibre IP's are still dynamic and could change at any reboot, how is he maintaining the link ? 

Got no idea how he is doing it!!  He works for an SEO company and is completing his degree in all this jiggery pokery website, coding, optimisation stuff.  He did explain to me, but, didn't understand a word of it!!  I'll try later to get him to post up what and how he is doing it.

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In reply to how my son is doing it....he says he hasn't locked onto it.  Apparently it hasn't changed in months so he is using this one.  

Sorry for late reply.

Rockauto site worked perfectly yesterday morning, but by the afternoon, nothing.  Same today.

No news from talk talk.

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I think the constant posting on this topic has knocked it out of the support workflow, I have flagged it up again for you.

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could javascript not be enabled or some security setup be on that network connection rather than the other network connection as the computer understands it?


have you added the webpage to your safe list so that the permissions can allow the java to run?  

Thanks Stuart
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Yes, its on the safe/ permissions list.
The website comes and goes, so not going to be that issue.
Thanks for input though.
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Progress report...................................................None.

What a surprise there eh??

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi andyfanshawe,


Can you confirm that you're still experiencing problems with the website and I'll ask our network team to take a look, I'm able to access the website fine at the moment 



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@OCE_Chris wrote:

Hi andyfanshawe,


Can you confirm that you're still experiencing problems with the website and I'll ask our network team to take a look, I'm able to access the website fine at the moment 



Hi Chris.

Yes, still having problems.  In fact our router has significantly lost its range now.  Always transmitted through the house exceptionally well.  All devices on full strength.  But not now.  Any device downstairs is now suffering connectivity issues even though they read full wifi strength.

Rockauto is still unreachanble.

Ironic you should ask now because i spent about 2 hours on live chat with DIONILO at talk talk.  Router firmware was apparently out of date but isn't now.  But no change.  I left them doing a systems check last night and have to report back today for the results.  REP 3207699 

No progress made with the original problem weeks and weeks ago on their end.


Anything you can do will be positive.  Thank you.


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Spent another 2 hours on live chat with 3 different chat "techies" about the connectivity issue.. 

  • Asked the same questions over and over again.
  • Asked to do the same things over and over again clear cache..use another browser..etc
  • change DNS...yeah done it a million times
  • same standard responses.  no doubt picked from a range of options
  • Go and sit by the router within 3 m in clear sight...yeah done that loads of times
  • do I want to buy a wifi extender...asked 3 times.

Was then told the router firmware was out of date.  i asked who updated it.  They said talk talk did.  i asked why was it out of date then?...No answer

Was then told I had the wrong wireless settings in the router and it was fixed.  "is there anything else we can help with"...WHAT????    Its fixed is it?  Wasn't even asked if I thought it was fixed.  Which it isn't.

i then mentioned the rockauto problem.  met with the response "which rockauto problem"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So, in a nutshell,

  • nothing is fixed. 
  • Apparently no one reads the notes on what happened before
  • Standard routine answers are given that are irrelevant
  • and, does anybody there actually know the deep tech stuff?
  • promised an email over 3 weeks ago to update me...nothing.

I have a massive amount of patience (teaching teenagers for 35 years), but I have actually run out of it.  Probably the first time ever.  i need access to rockauto for my business.  I pay good money for a service which I am not getting.  Sooooo....whats next??  Obvious ain't it.


Thanks for everyone's help on this.    Really appreciate it.  Unsolved, but really do appreciate all the suggestions.


Hope everyone has a fantastic summer.


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Very interesting to read this thread. It sounds just like the issue I'm having with another site, I posted about it yesterday here :

I'll keep an eye on this thread to see if I can get any tips !!
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Andy,


I can take a look at your connectivity issue just need you to complete your Community Profile


I'm not sure if there's anything that we can do about the intermittent issue that you're experiencing with but we can ask our network team to take a look




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I know it's been a while for thispost but I feel it's Okay to get the ball rolling once again since I don't see a solution anywhere, but has there been a solution to this inability to connect issue. I am having the same problem. The problem went away for a few days. Then my wife painted the room where the router is. The router got disconnected. I can no longer access RockAuto, once again. I have never experienced this problem before. Additional Info: The router I'm using, a 2 piece deal, it's new to my system, for I have just moved a month ago, and got a new service provider and new equipment. I think it's safe to say there's a connection there but I should be able to access RockAuto or any other web site regardless. It being just RockAuto is bizarre. I wonder if there is a safety mechanism with their servers or whatever such that they are identifying me as badware and locking me out... if that could be such a happening.

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Same exact problem here! Can not connect to on my desk top computer (att service),it times out after a few minutes,although if I try it on my Samsung Galaxy S8 it will connect to rockauto's website ONLY if I turn OFF wifi on my phone. If I turn the wifi ON,it will not connect and I have tried ALL browsers. I have been going to this site every day for several years,and now can't connect to it,period, on my desktop!!!

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi smith wesson,


I'm sorry to hear this. Please can you create your own thread and we can look into this further for you.