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turn Static DNS Server Configuration off

First Timer

my current hub will not let me turn static DNS server off, i'm needing to do this to set up a home server the current talktalk hub version is SG4K10002600t. is there a fix to this in a newer firware please.

Community Team - TT Staff



There is a newer firmware currently about to enter public trials.





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Popular Poster

I have the latest f/w SG4K10002808t in the FAST 5364 and it STILL doesn't allow me to turn off Static DNS.

I wonder who is controlling this issue? The device sends out the predefined static DNS IP address ( with the DHCP IP leases.  I can fix this with my computers (it's a fairly standard workaround for DHCP clients) so they work fine.

But I can't (and in any case won't because they are so mobile) change this on the various cellphones that use DHCP to acquire an IP address from the FAST 5364 WiFI - so they can't resolve names, so appear to have no Internet connection.  Rather defeats the object of the exercise.

This Static DNS issue arose early in the trial of later firmware for the FAST 5364 in November 2018!  I have trouble believing that no-one at TT thought that this mattered, we've seen several posts from TT folk saying that this issue is on the list of defects, so I'm starting to think that it's deliberate policy from TT for some reason.  Perhaps a requirement for their security offering?

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