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uPnP & Teredo Xbox issues

First Timer

Good evening all I am hoping you can help. Over the past 3 months I have consistently had issues with my xbox and no other device in the home  80% of the time this relates to Teredo. I have set up a static IP address and manually assigned a port on my router for my xbox, I have then made sure uPnP is enabled and my xbox still does not stay connected for more than 10 minutes, and at times when it does my latency is above 1100 and my download speed is 0.67mbs when I am meant to have 80mbs, even on good days it only fluctuates from 25-40mbs, also it never connects to the 5GHz just the 2.4GHz. When I added a dedicated port it actually made this slower and my xbox under devices has 7 ports open and I cannot delete these, would being able to remove this make this better? I also have DMZ deactivated and my router is a Talk Talk wifi hub, the one with the orange spotted grill. I really hope someone can help because I am paying for services I cannot access just on my Xbox One.

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Hi Fletcher welcome to the community, how is the performance using Ethernet cable?

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