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unavailable but available

Team Player

So today I decided to renew my contract as I'm out of contract and i was given a renewal quote but speed boost will be removed as it is no longer available.


I questioned when it was not available thinking I have been paying £5 a month for nothing.


I was told it is still on but will be removed when I renew.


So I said if I don't renew I keep speed boost if I renew I lose and the answer was yes.


If I renew I drop from 54mb to 38mb.


Not having a go at the person from TalkTalk but that is one strange renewal, out of contact I keep speed boost renew I loose.


Team Player

Could this be investigated in why the TalkTalk  represent could not renew my contract with fibre speed boost enabled but it's enabled for me now out of contract.


Could I also have a realistic guaranteed speed without the fibre speed boost if I can't have it enabled.