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I renewed my contract a few months ago, but every time I logged into my Talktalk account, there was a message saying my contract expired 29 September 2020. I wasn't sure whether to renew my contract because I could have got a better deal from my Mobile provider, plus a 4k TV included in the contract price. No perks from TT for a loyal customer renewing their contract, just a substandard service.


Imagine my dismay when I logged into my TT account this morning and saw that my contract end date is December 2021. TT can't even get that right.


So, I'm now locked into my contract...a contract that I don't want due to consistently slow broadband speeds. It's constantly dropping below the guaranteed minimum and I'm not happy. 


This has been an ongoing issue for the last 2 years. An engineer was sent a few months ago - they didn't need access to my flat - and that temporarily solved the problem. I want this sorted asap, please, or I will be making an official complaint. 

I'm a drummer in a very well known band and I'm also a world class racing driver.
Community Star

There was a glitch for several weeks when My Account was not showing up to date contract end dates, @WaRRioR1976.


You seem to have successfully renewed a few months ago. It has always been possible to ask on here, use Chat or phone Loyalty, when you spot any discrepancy. That issue appears to be resolved now in My Account. 


For future reference, there are usually better deals available, and you can fine tune your package,  through the Loyalty team on Chat / phone than through the account upgrade/renewal offers. 


The speed issue has been ongoing for much longer, ahead of when you renewed. This can be investigated for you. Wait for staff to reach your thread and reply. They work Monday to Friday. 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @WaRRioR1976


Sorry that you are not happy. 


I can confirm your contract was renewed 03/06/2020 for 18 months ending 02/12/2021  the error shown in My Account was resolved and the correct date is now displayed. Sorry for any confusion. 


In terms of you speeds have you logged a fault?