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upgrading to fibre optic

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I am currently on TALK TALK Standard broadband service (and i understand my line/service is provided by a Copper wire),I am currently experiencing intermittent problems with my Broadband and i was advised to consider upgrading to fibre optic.


As a current talktalk Customer considering upgrading to fibre optic can you confirm if I would have any downtime with internet and or phone line, if so how long would it be?

Also can i have some information about changing from Standard broadband to FO, Would it be like changing supplier so  would I get a new router, new phone number, new  everything?


Or is it a simple as BT unplugging one cable and plugging a new cable in.


Mny thanks



My Mum "upgraded" to FO on August 30th, with the previous standard broadband having performed fine for 3 years. The price was hiked, so it was cheaper to go to FO. She was sent a new router and the broadband has never worked, in spite of me having spent many blood pressure raising hours on Livechat and Phone support (phone works fine). We have had 2 new routers, which work perfectly at my house (I got TT FO a year or so ago and have experienced no problems), but can only manage the steady amber light of doom at my Mum's house. i have only just managed to get an engineer booked for next week, which should have been done on the first call.

I hope this does not happen to you, but I would advise that if you do upgrade to FO and you have problems:
* Livechat is a waste of time i) it takes about 5 mintes for each response ii) they will take you through the same hoops every time; they have no record of previous chat sessions. Skip it.
* Phoning is only slightly better (I was offered a 3rd router several times because that's what their troubleshooting systems said). However, at least you get slightly faster response times, and they do seem to make notes of previous tests (if you insist that they do, and that they go back and read them).

Be prepared to be advised to "switch it off for 30 minutes" and "press reset" several times, even if you've done so multiple times already.

The problem is that first line support is totally scripted, and it seems virtually impossible to get through that barrier to get to someone who can understand your problem andunderstand at a basic level what has already been tried.

In conclusion: it might go smoothly, but shockingly bad technical support if it goes wrong (as expected - they haven't shaken off that reputation yet). If you rely on your broadband for anything vaguely importanat, have a fallback system or be prepared to take a risk.

Good luck
To answer your question, you will get a new router. Your phone number will stay the same. I would plan on losing service for a few hours if it goes OK, otherwise months.....
Community Team

Hi BF1991,


Please let us know how you get on and if you need any assistance 🙂