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which fibre?

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if some nice person could help here please,


I have just upped to fibre broadband, which of course for the last 3/4 mile is copper wire in the air...

 Now if I now go for Superfast Fibre will it ALL be fibre optic into the house and up to 67mb's?


Anyone confirm this for me.


best regards


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No this will not be fibre to the premises, if it was you'd expect a much higher speed.


The basic fibre offering is as you say, fibre to the cabinet and copper from there to the property. This, depending on the length/quality of the copper, could give you up to 80Mbps. However, the basic installation has a speed restriction in place to reduce that to about 40Mbps. If that is not fast enough, you can ask for the fibre speed boost to be applied, which removes the speed restriction to give you the 80Mbps, providing you are close enough to the cabinet.

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Hi werkit,


I can see that Keith has answered your question, if you need any further assistance please let us know 🙂


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Kind Thanks Keith

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Will do Chris,


thanks Werkit